Sagar (and cabaret)

My visit to Sagar in Covent Garden was an impromptu one, as was the burlesque caberet show that followed. My Thursdays aren’t usually that eclectic.

If you like curry and you’re on a budget, I cannot recommended this mini chain highly enough. I’ve been to one of their branches three or four times now so wanted to share this little gem.

Sagar is vegetarian (I’m not) but also offers a fully vegan menu. You’ll find reasonably priced vegetarian wines too plus wheat and nut free food options.

The decor is basic, but light and airy with seating upstairs. Service is pleasant, friendly and unobtrusive. Clientèle is mixed: students, pre-theatre goers and workers.

Chefs hail from Udupi, a small town in the coastal region of the Western Ghats, in Southern India.

Lentils are one of the star ingredients but not just in dal. Lentil pizzas (uthappams) are a speciality with seven varieties on offer. Next time I will try this…I also spotted a lentil doughnut.

We picked a bottle of fab South African Chenin Blanc and at £14.50 in Covent Garden this is a small miracle.

We decided to share a few dishes to maximise on what we could sample. Poori bread – deep fried fluffy dough arrived masquerading as two delicious inflated airbags.

I picked a french bean curry cooked with coconut, cashews and cream, which was delicious and a break from the norm. My usual favourite of spinach and paneer did not disappoint either. A golden dal and rice also went down very well me and my friend.

At £25 a head Sagar is a bargain and excellent opportunity to try south Indian cookery and also have a meat free day or spoil a vegetarian/vegan for choice.

And if you fancy a bit of post curry cocktail and cabaret Cellar Door is just round the corner…






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