Hooking up in Brixton

I’d make a terrible hipster. I hate queuing for my dinner and turning up without booking a table on a Friday night brings me out in a slight rash.

Yesterday evening I was off to gig in Brixton and so my friend and I nphoto (8)eeded some pre concert food. Nothing heavy and something relatively quick.

Those of you familiar with Boxpark in Shoreditch may or may not be aware of Pop Brixton. It’s been in place since summer 2015 and was commissioned by Lambeth Council to support local entrepreneurs and start-ups. It’s basically units (fashioned out of shipping containers) containing little bars, food outlets and shops. I’m not sure if this is a permanent fixture so want to make the most of it. Last time I was here in the summer I enjoyed Kricket – a great place serving cocktails and small Indian plates. When we were here then we spotted Hook and put it in the memory bank for next time. So here we are.

We arrive at 6.30 – straight from work and to my delight it was fairly quiet. There was a new wine shop with a civilized tasting event taking place – no gentrification you say?

No queuing or fighting through crowds of hip twenty somethings tonight as we had done on our last visit. Despite eating in a metal box in the middle of winter Hook was cosy and felt like a proper restaurant albeit small (four tables I think). There was a steady stream of people collecting takeaway and the Deliveroo man came in to pick up orders so they’ve clearly built up a reputation locally.

Despite suggesting here I’m actually not a huge fan of fish and chips. Its the batter I think- too greasy. It makes me feel a bit queasy. I’m not a great fan of doughnuts for the same reason. But at Hook they put a whole new spin on one of the nation’s favourites. No greasy batter here – Panko breadcrumbs or tempura instead. But wait – it gets better still. Lemon and basil tempura with truffle sauce for example or Jamaican jerk panko with chipotle mayo which was my choice. Not too spicy but with a great kick to it. Fish is sourced daily from Cornwall – coley not cod – I’m assuming as more sustainable. The fish was firm and delicious and plenty of it. They work with small fisheries who are MSC certified. Good. While we’re on the subject they serve food in recycled, re-usable, wooden packaging, and take-away cutlery is made of biodegradable corn starch. Double good.

Oh yes and the chips. Chunky and lovely, coated with Hook’s own seaweed salt.

The guy that served us was delightful and chatty and helped us choose our wine and meal with some great recommendations. We washed everything down with a couple of glasses of delicious sauvignon blanc (around £7). The craft beer selection looked impressive though I’m not an expert. Think the bill was around £40 between two but we had a special 50% off deal for January so just a tenner each. Result.

photo (6)

Jamaican jerk fish and chips – yummers

If you’re in Brixton you’re spoilt for choice these days with Pop Brixton and ‘Brixton Village’ as it’s now referred to, plus other places springing up on surrounding roads like Acre Lane.

If you’re heading to a gig or movie and you like your fish and chips I highly recommend Hook – catch it while you can.










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