Fika in Covent Garden

imageNow I know I said in my previous post I don’t have a sweet tooth. Largely this is true but I will make an exception for this next place.

The alleyways leading up to the main drag of Covent Garden are usually filled with the pungent aroma of tramps wee as I approach the office each day. Except for one – Rose Street.

I can no longer walk this way for fear of being lured in by a certain bakery amidst a haze of cinammon and sugar coated dough. The smell practically hits you from somewhere along the Strand.

The last place I reviewed was small – this place is half the size. Three tables to be precise. In fact I dont know why I’m really telling you about this gem at all as you may all rush there and I’ll never get a table. Don’t tell anyone. You may have to share a table here but that’s part of the experience.

Bageriet specialises in Fika – a Swedish word that doesn’t exist in English. The fact they have a word for this is marvellous AND you can use it as a noun or verb.

Fika is considered a social institution in Sweden; it means having a break, most often a coffee break, with one’s colleagues, friends, date or family. The word fika can be used as both verb and a noun.

There’s a book about it with a lovely cover if you want to explore this tradition. I digress.

Bageriet is tiny, cosy and totally Scandi. Those of you that know me will know I love Scandi interiors so this appeals massively. White-washed and wooden but not remotely twee.

They focus mainly on sweet items. The shop is bursting with plates of pretty cakes – where cinnamon and cardamom feature heavily. Buns and pretzels, biscuits, and delicacies that don’t fall into any of these categories and even a mulled wine bread are on offer. One of my friends has a penchant for their oaty chocolate balls – small but perfectly formed. They also sell those green princess cakes – you remember them on Bake Off?

You can buy gifts (perhaps for self-gifting) too in the form of hot chocolate, biscuits, jam and brittle all presented beautifully as you’d imagine.

We’re not talking Greggs prices here but for this quality I think its worth it. And the people that work there are actually Swedish too – they know their stuff. Even the baker pops his head out from time to time – not that you would ever think things weren’t baked on the premises.

Next time you’re in the area and wanting to rest your weary feet check them out. I won’t give you directions – just follow your nose.




  1. Lucy c · January 12, 2016

    Love this place so much! Bought a Swedish colleague one of the princess cakes for his bday and I’ve never seen anyone look so happy, great review.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. vixy1976 · January 12, 2016

    Thanks Lucy – Its so gorgeous isnt it!


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