About me


I’m Victoria and welcome to my blog.

Since I can remember I’ve been encouraged by my nearest and dearest to use my ‘talents’ and share more widely my enthusiasm for all things foodie.

When I reached a significant birthday (30 + 10), I took the plunge and signed up for an introduction to food writing course.

Much of my day job is spent writing – copy for leaflets, brochures and annual reports etc but I’ve never applied this experience to my main passion. So here I am.

I’m based down in SE London – Crystal Palace to be exact. I blooming love this part of London. We’ve got a brilliant weekly food market, independent food shops, supper clubs, tons of great bars and restaurants and even a permanent food truck. Awesome.

Much of my blogging will be based here and locally – Brixton, Dulwich, Sydenham and Balham.

I work in Covent Garden and have friends dotted all over the city so expect to see me popping up all over the place. Have contactless – will travel.

I like gin. A lot. Hurrah for its meteoric rise to stardom. You’ll find me in some ‘Mother’s Ruin’ dens for sure.

Afternoon tea is another favourite – I’ve done plenty – some good, some shocking, cheap and pricey. Plenty more to try and share with you.

I hope too that there’ll be a bit of travel further afield so look out for some musings from a few more exotic locations.

This is going to be a bit of trial and error – so as I go along tell me what you think. Need a recommendation or stuck for a venue – try me. I’m a bit like a culinary Rainman.

If you’d like me to review somewhere drop me a line. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a month by month archive.


*neckalace courtesy of Tatty Devine

All meals reviewed have been paid for personally unless stated.








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